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$17.99 - Wotofo Elder Dragon RDA

The Elder Dragon RDA Atomizer is 22mm diameter atomizer designed by Wotofo and Japanese YouTube reviewer, and is named Ryujin (the dragon god) for Japan Edition. It features a compact pagoda shape in appearance. The 22mm postless build deck allows different coil directions, making coil installing easy and intuitive. The down-to-coil air structure is used on the build deck, enhancing vaporizing performance and flavor delivery. 6 colors are available.


1. Compact pagoda shape in appearance
2. 22mm postless build deck for easy building
3. Down-to-coil air structure enhances vaporizing performance and flavor delivery
4. Detachable for cleaning consideration
5. Deep juice well on the deck
6. 6 colors: SS, Black, Blue, Rainbow, Gunmetal, Gold

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